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Welcome to the Rollup wiki!

If you're new to Rollup, here's what you need to know:

  • Rollup is a JavaScript module bundler. It takes a file - let's call it main.js, and recursively imports its dependencies until your whole library or application is contained in a single file
  • unlike other bundlers (such as Browserify or Webpack), Rollup only includes the code you actually need. In many cases, the resulting bundle is a fraction of the size. Even in the worst case scenario it will still be smaller than bundles generated by other tools
  • it does this by embracing ES6 modules
  • the easiest way to use it is via the command line...
  • ...but you can also use the JavaScript API...
  • ...or a plugin for your build tool of choice

To get up and running quickly, follow the Quickstart Tutorial.

If you're experiencing problems, check the Troubleshooting page or raise an issue!