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v0.8.0 2019-04-29

This is a major overhaul of the gem which brings it closer to 1.0.0. Custom data mapping was replaced by core APIs that leverage schemas and their attributes. Custom MapperCompiler was added that rejects keys that are not specified in the schemas, and can be extended further to meet any future requirements.

As a consequence of these changes, with this release you can easily use rom-http along with repositories and changesets.


  • Support for relation schemas (solnic)
  • Support for auto-struct mapping (solnic)
  • Support for registering your own request/response handlers for all datasets from a specific gateway (solnic)
  • Built-in JSON handlers that you can set via handlers: :json gateway option (solnic)
  • Convenient request method predicates Dataset#{get?,post?,delete?,put?} (solnic)


  • Updated to work with rom ~> 5.0 (parndt)
  • Input/output data are now handled by core functionality using schema's input_schema and output_schema (solnic)
  • Dataset#name was removed in favor of Dataset#base_path

Compare v0.7.0...v0.8.0

v0.7.0 2018-01-11


  • Add Dataset#add_params(AMHOL)


  • Updated error messages (AMHOL)
  • updated to depend on ROM 4.0 (maximderbin)
  • Removed ruby 2.1 support (maximderbin)
  • Removed rbx-3 support (maximderbin)

Compare v0.5.0...v0.6.0

v0.6.0 2017-02-06


  • Make schemas mandatory and use schema API from ROM core (AMHOL)
  • Generate transformer using schema (AMHOL)
  • Removed rbx-2 support (solnic)
  • Add Dataset#base_path and Relation#primary_key (AMHOL)
  • Updated to work with ROM 3.0 (maximderbin)
  • Removed ruby 2.1 support (maximderbin)
  • Fix Relation#primary_key when schema defines alias (AMHOL)
  • Transform keys on insert and update (maximderbin)
  • Remove rom-support dependency (maximderbin)

Compare v0.5.0...v0.6.0

v0.5.0 2016-08-08


  • Removed ruby 2.0 support
  • Use schema API from ROM::Core. Replaces old schema (solnic)
  • Now works out of the box with rom-repository (solnic)

Compare v0.4.0...v0.5.0

v0.4.0 2016-04-30


  • updated to depend on the forthcoming rom 2.0 (cflipse)

Compare v0.3.0...v0.4.0

v0.3.0 2016-03-17


  • replaced dry-data with dry-types (Nikita Shilnikov

Compare v0.2.0...v0.3.0

v0.2.0 2016-01-30


  • schema support using dry-data (AMHOL)

Compare v0.1.2...v0.2.0

v0.1.2 2015-09-16


  • Projections (container.relation(:users).project(:id, :name)) (AMHOL)

Compare v0.1.1...v0.1.2

v0.1.1 2015-09-03


  • ROM::HTTP::Dataset macros for setting default_request_handler and default_response_handler (AMHOL)


  • ROM::HTTP::Gateway tries to load the Dataset class lazily from the same namespace that the Gateway is defined in, with a fallback to ROM::HTTP::Dataset, making extending easier (AMHOL)
  • ROM::HTTP::Gateway no longer raises errors on missing configuration keys, these are now raised late in Dataset - this was to allow for the implementation of default_request_handler and default_response_handler (AMHOL)
  • ROM::HTTP::Dataset now uses ROM::Options from rom-support, adding typechecking to options and making it easier to define additional options in extensions

Compare v0.1.0...v0.1.1

v0.1.0 2015-08-19

First public release \o/

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