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As ROM continues to grow, we’re always looking for more people to contribute in many ways.

The best way to contribute to ROM is to use it. The more places it’s used and the more people working with it, the faster we can evolve the API and introduce cleaner abstractions to meet the demands of a wide range of production apps.

Getting Started

Install ROM and its dependencies and try it out in an existing project.

Dive deeper into the ROM ecosystem by writing an adapter for a new data source.


Join the conversation on Zulip to discuss anything related to ROM.

Report bugs and offer feedback on features via GitHub Issues.

Contribute to Core Libraries

Look for issues marked with help wanted. That’s a sign that a unit of work is up for grabs.

Before diving into code contributions, it’s best to check in on chat or post a comment on the relevant GitHub issue to let others know you’re interested and ensure you understand the context.

Code of Conduct

ROM project adheres to the Contributor Covenant