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See Rhizome over git topic.

I am exploring the possibility to implement the Rhizome store (from Serval Project) over GIT. This PoC is a wrapper of GIT plumbing commands to provide Rhizome main commands.

It is implemented in bash, and is not intended to be executed on a phone. There is no full-checking of user inputs, there is no encryption nor signatures.

A real implementation would be in C (in servald), and could store fields as byte arrays (instead of Strings, even used for binary fields converted in hexadecimal).


Create a new bundle

rog create <service> <sender> <recipient> [<file>]
  • service is a String (e.g. meshms)
  • sender is the hexa-SID of sender (but you can put any String you want)
  • recipient is the hexa-SID of recipient
  • file is the filepath of the payload (empty for stdin)


echo 'Hello' > /tmp/hello
./rog create meshms 1111 2222 /tmp/hello
./rog create meshms 2222 1111 <<< 'How are you?'
# if /tmp/file.pdf exists
./rog create file 1111 '' /tmp/file.pdf

List bundles

rog list [<service>] [<sender>] [<recipient>]

Result are filtered by service, sender and/or recipient. Prints 1 result per line, with fields seperated by ':'.



./rog list
./rog list meshms
./rog list meshms 1111 2222
./rog list meshms '' 2222
./rog list '' 1111
./rog list '' '' 2222

Update a bundle

rog update <bid> [<file>]
  • file is the filepath of the payload (empty for stdin)

date, length, payload and sign fields of the manifest are automatically updated.

Other fields cannot be modified (service for example).


echo 'Hello world !' > /tmp/hello
./rog update <bid> /tmp/hello
./rog update <bid> <<< 'This is my new message'

Delete a bundle

rog delete <bid>

Export a manifest

rog manifest <bid>

Export a payload

rog payload <bid>


./rog payload <meshms_bid>           # prints a String message on stdin
./rog payload <file_bid> > file.pdf  # exports a pdf file