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Demo Android project for reproducing the UDP deadlock which should be fixed by
this patch:

## Build vlc-udp-deadlock

    editor                     # change your SDK location
    ant clean debug                             # generate bin/*-debug.apk
    adb install bin/vlc-udp-deadlock-debug.apk  # install on device

You can also import it into Eclipse (or your favorite IDE).

## Infos

The 'master' branch contains the libvlc compiled from:
  commit ebcc69cfb1569a0fcedf10498606b231ae6fcb7c

The 'deadlockfix' branch contains the very same version + the patch:

For simplicity, I commited the compiled '.so' files, but you can regenerate
them by yourself:

## Tests

### Stream a video

Connect your android device and your computer on the same LAN.

Be aware that some Android devices don't support multicast:

Then stream any file using vlc on your computer:

    cvlc file.mkv ':sout=#udp{dst=}'

### Check for deadlocks

Start the vlc-udp-deadlock app, it will automatically connect to (hardcoded).

There are 3 buttons you can play with to make the deadlock happen:
 - Play
 - Stop
 - Play+Stop

A deadlock will freeze the interface (the button stays pressed on unpressed,
and you can't click on them anymore). It may also make your device reboot after
several seconds.

You can also notice it in the logs. Enable the debug mode in your Android
device preferences, and plug the device on your computer (e.g. by USB). You
should be able to display the logs:

    adb logcat

A deadlock happens if you see "before stop()" without the corresponding "after
stop()" or "before play()" without the corresponding "after play()".

### Expected behavior

On the 'master' branch (without the patch), you should be able to produce a
deadlock quite easily (brute-force the buttons, "Play+Stop" should be more

On the 'deadlockfix' branch (with the patch), if your device support multicast
(you can play the video), you should not be able to reproduce any deadlock.


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