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TimeLine control is a simple drop in solution to show progress of some event e.g. track order

To use it in your application follow this steps:

  • drag TimeLineControl folder to project
  • import "TimeLineViewControl.h"
  • and initialize view
NSArray *times = @[@"sun",@"mon",@"tue",@"wed",@"thr",@"fri",@"sat"];
NSArray *descriptions = @[@"state 1",@"state 2",@"state 3",@"state 4",@"very very long description if state 5",@"state 6",@"state 7"];
TimeLineViewControl *timeline = [[TimeLineViewControl alloc] initWithTimeArray:times
timeline.center = self.view.center;
[self.view addSubview:timeline];

To deal with autoLayOut I've used Masonry library. It lays inside Timeline control folder. You don't need to do some additional steps to deal with it, just something to be aware of =)

That is it!

You can check ExampleProject to see how timeline works