⭐️ Lightweight new tab page for Chrome/Firefox, synced with your bookmarks
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mdash is a Chrome extension which aims to replace the New Tab page with a light dashboard linked with your bookmarks.



If you only want to install the extension, please visit the website for more informations.

Wanna help ?

Warning: The code is quite awful at the moment. A big refactoring is on its way, hopefully.

  1. Clone the repository.
    $ git clone https://romac@github.com/romac/mdash.git
  2. Open Chrome and go to chrome://extensions
  3. Toggle the Developer mode.
  4. Click Load unpacked extension...
  5. Select the previously cloned repository.


mdash is licensed under the MIT license.


Brought to you with love by @P45C4L and @_romac.
Many thanks to @ntzog for the icon ! It's beautiful, isn't it ?

mdash makes a great use of the awesome UI components from UIKit by @visionmedia.