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This is a Python package to control a patch-clamp amplifier. It works with National Instruments acquision boards. Three amplifiers are implemented:

  • Axoclamp 2B (just the gains)
  • Multiclamp 700B
  • Axoclamp 900A

It can be interfaced with the neural simulator Brian to run the protocols on a model.

An example setup for the Axoclamp 900A and an NI board would be:

amplifier = Axoclamp900A()
board = NI()
board.set_analog_input('output1', channel=0, deviceID='SCALED OUTPUT 1', gain=amplifier.get_gain)
board.set_analog_input('output2', channel=1, deviceID='SCALED OUTPUT 2', gain=amplifier.get_gain)
board.set_analog_output('Ic1', channel=0, deviceID='I-CLAMP 1', gain=amplifier.get_gain)
amplifier.configure_scaled_outputs(board, 'output1', 'output2')
board.set_aliases(V='10V1', Ic='Ic1')

A typical acquisition protocol reads:

V = board.acquire('V', Ic=my_pulse)

where my_pulse is an array representing the current waveform.

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