Twitter Platform Demos — Twitter APIs & Node in the Browser, on a Raspberry Pi, and with an AR.Drone!
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Twitter Platform Demos

This repository contains the source code for demos using the Twitter APIs. They are all written in JavaScript using Node, HTML5, WebSockets and more.

These demos were originally created for my talk at the API Strategy Conference in Amsterdam.


Here is an overview of the demos in this repository:


You will need to obtain Twitter App credentials from to setup your own config.js based on the sample file in each demo folder.

Install the package dependencies from npm by running npm install and you are all set!

To get started with the demos, just run the corresponding Node program, for instance using node streaming/server.js for the Streaming APIs demos in the browser.


Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @romainhuet. The Twitter Developer Relations team at @TwitterDev is also here to help for any questions related to the Twitter platform.