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Vim-cool disables search highlighting when you are done searching and re-enables it when you search again.

Vim-cool is cool.

Vim-cool is experimental.

Experimental features

  • Show number of matches in the command-line:

      let g:CoolTotalMatches = 1


Vim-cool is intended to be used with Vim, and only Vim, 7.4.2008 or later. It may or may not work in other editors but they are not and will not be officially supported.


Follow your favorite plugin/runtimepath manager's instructions.

If you choose manual installation, just put plugin/cool.vim where it belongs:

$HOME/.vim/plugin/cool.vim        on Unix-like systems
$HOME\vimfiles\plugin\cool.vim    on Windows


I wrote the first iteration of vim-cool in about twenty minutes, mostly to test a few ideas I had after a short discussion on 'hlsearch' and :nohlsearch on #vim.

Because it relied almost exclusively on mappings, that first iteration was way too brittle to be of any use and actually messed with a bunch of my own mappings.

Then came @purpleP and the game-changing approach he put together with the help of @chrisbra, @justinmk, @jamessan, and @ZyX-I.

The current version, essentially a weaponized version of @purpleP's code, doesn't rely on remappings anymore and thus should be devoid of nasty side-effects.

Many thanks to @bounceme for his help.