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A gallery of stickers for Signal, the secure messenger!
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Signal stickers gallery


A nice and handy gallery to browse and download sticker packs for Signal.
This site is served on, directly from this Github repository.

Adding a sticker pack to this site

Use the tool Contribute at the top of, and follow the guide!

Contribute to

Note: adding a sticker pack requires a Github account. It's free!

Contribution guidelines

We will accept all stickers, except:

  • Stickers packs that call for hatred or violence against people or communities based on age, body size, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation;
  • Sticker packs that directly promote a brand or a company.

The idea is to keep a family atmosphere: I'd like my grandmother to be able to navigate sticker packs quietly.


How can I create a sticker pack?

Follow the tutorial on the Signal support site to upload your stickers to Signal.

Note: when creating stickers, don't forget to add a white stroke to improve legibility on dark themes! You can use this script or use this project to automatically resize and add a white stroke on all the PNG and WEBP images of a directory.

Do I have to add my sticker pack to this site to share it with my friends?

No. You can just send any sticker to your friends and they will be able to install the pack, or you can share your sticker pack using the link that you got when you created your sticker pack, or by using the share button from inside the signal app's sticker managment screen.

Do not hesitate to post your pack on social networks using the hashtag #makeprivacystick as well!

Can you create a sticker pack for me?

This is not the goal of this project :-)

Where can I find more stickers?

Is this a commercial project?

No. This project is and will remain open-source.

Who built this?

@romainricard, @darkobits, @valkheim, @muellermartin, @sticker201 and @u32i64 participated to the conception and the code.

The stickers were added by the community.
The stickers from Telegram were ported by @signal-stickers.



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