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simple static website generator written in perl
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This is my simple static website generator, written in perl.

You can see what it did on my own website here.


It only requires libtemplate-perl (via apt).

input formats

I personnaly use it with markdown, but you can pass whichever command you want with -o yourcommand.


Simply fire doxite to see a basic usage summary.

Usage: doxite [options]

 -sd, --source-dir    Directory to process
 -dd, --dest-dir      Destination directory
 -se, --source-ext    Extension of sources files (default : html, optional)
 -de, --dest-ext      Extension of destination files (default : html, optional)
 -o,  --output-cmd    Command to output files (optional)
 -t,  --template      Template file (relative to your source-dir,
                      default : 'template', optional)

 -h, --help           This help
 -v, --version        Display version number

Tips & tricks:
 You can force the date of last edition of a file. Simply put an HTML comment
 like this : <!--[16 Jun 2010]--> in the source file.
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