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The xcodebuild is the tool used to compile iOS & macOS projects from commandline.

We can write our own. It's simpler than you think!


What if you could modify Xcode so it works just the way you want?

🚪 Gain access to Xcode APIs

The Xcode is built from a lot of modular specialized frameworks. Use them in your app any way you want.

  • Modify project files programmaticaly
  • Control compilation precisely
  • Generate custom outputs efficiently
  • Anything Xcode does, you can too, in your own way, in the language you love most

💡 Learn how Xcode works internally

Generate Objective-C pseudo-source-code and framework headers for all of Xcode.

🦋 Debug xcodebuild

Run your custom xcodebuild from within Xcode to debug Apple's frameworks.

📚 Find undocumented features

If you're curious, you'll find tons of useful undocumented features in Xcode.

🚀 Add new features

Modify the behavior of Xcode by subclassing and/or swizzling Apple's code.

💯 Remain always 100% compatible with Xcode

And best of all, unlike 3rd party frameworks, it always works because it is the same code that Xcode IDE uses.

I can't wait to see what you will create 😊 And there's so much more where that came from!

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