Translation of the `Managing projects with GNU make' book to Russian.
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Managing projects with GNU Make

It is a translation of the O'Reilly Managing projects with GNU Make book (3 edition) to Russian.


You can find original of the book at O'Reilly web site. It is also possible to download the original using progect Makefile: just execute the following command (requires wget and ~4.5M of free space):

make download-origin


At the moment the build is possible only on UNIX systems. To build the book you need to have latex and mpost. If you have Latex Live distributive installed, just execute make in project directory. To get more help regarding project build execute make help.

If you want to build the book on Windows very much, you can do it manually. Of course, you still have to install latex. All you need is to:

  1. process all the figures from figures directory with metapost processor (mpost);

  2. rename processed files from <name>.1 to <name>.eps;

  3. build main.tex file with pdflatex.

Alternatively, you can write some kind of Makefile for Windows.


This work is distributed under GNU FDL 1.3. A copy of this license located in the LICENSE file. You can find additional info about this license on GNU official web site.


If you have questions or want to contribute please contact me: Roman Kashitsyn