Prometheus exporter for sensor metrics from Intel Edison
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IoT Edison exporter

Prometheus exporter for sensor metrics from Intel Edison.

Supported sensors:

  • Grove temperature sensor
  • Grove sound sensor
  • Grove light sensor

Build and run

Build on a machine using Go 1.5+ with GOPATH set:

git clone
cd edison_exporter
go get -d
GOARCH=386 GOOS=linux go build edison_exporter.go

Also you can download the binary from Releases

Copy to Edison:

scp edison_exporter root@<Edison IP>:~/


root@edison:~# ./edison_exporter


Name Description Analog pin number where temperature sensor is attached. (default "0") Analog pin number where light sensor is attached. (default "1") Analog pin number where sound sensor is attached. (default "3")
-sensor.polling.interval Sensor polling interval. (default 5s)
-log.level value Only log messages with the given severity or above. Valid levels: [debug, info, warn, error, fatal, panic]. (default info)
-web.listen-address Address to listen on for web interface and telemetry. (default ":9122")
-web.telemetry-path Path under which to expose metrics. (default "/metrics")



$ curl -s http://<Edison IP>:9122/metrics|grep edison
# HELP edison_exporter_scrapes_total Total number of scrapes.
# TYPE edison_exporter_scrapes_total counter
edison_exporter_scrapes_total 3
# HELP edison_exporter_up Whether exporter is up.
# TYPE edison_exporter_up gauge
edison_exporter_up 1
# HELP edison_sensor_light Luminous flux per unit area.
# TYPE edison_sensor_light gauge
edison_sensor_light 0.01644942660972975
# HELP edison_sensor_sound Sound (noise) level.
# TYPE edison_sensor_sound gauge
edison_sensor_sound 1
# HELP edison_sensor_temperature Temperature in C and F.
# TYPE edison_sensor_temperature gauge
edison_sensor_temperature{metric="celsius"} 19.093447311567388
edison_sensor_temperature{metric="fahrenheit"} 66.3682051608213

Graph with Grafana: