@roman-yagodin roman-yagodin released this Apr 4, 2018

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  • Fix mixed up control labels
  • Fix GH-283 Cannot edit edu. volume / contingent via EduProgramProfileDirectory module
  • Fix GH-284 Learning time not displayed
  • Allow zero learning time for now

@roman-yagodin roman-yagodin released this Mar 23, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

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  • GH-270 Implement return to the last edited record after editing for ContingentDirectory, EduVolumeDirectory and ScienceDirectory modules.
  • GH-272 Show course number along with the year in the page titles and EditEduFormYears control.
  • Fix GH-268 EduProgramProfileDirectory shows not published edu. forms / years.
  • Fix edu. form / learning time formatting in EduProgramProfileDirectory module.
  • Fix GH-278 Decimal values truncated to 2 decimal digits.
  • GH-275 Allow to select divisions, positions and achievements by the short title.
  • GH-260 Remove ScienceInfo document type.
  • Even better sorting of edu. program profile form years.
  • Better formatting for decimal values.
  • Increase max. value for avg. admission score to 300.
  • Allow more that 2 decimal digits in FinancingByScientist decimal value.
  • Updated note for potentially deprecated column for the work programs of practice.
  • Added labels to obsolete document types for contingent admission and movement.
  • Cleanup old dependencies on R7.DotNetNuke.Extensions and DotNetNuke.R7 packages.
Mar 21, 2018
Merge pull request #274 from roman-yagodin/development

@roman-yagodin roman-yagodin released this Mar 13, 2018 · 50 commits to master since this release

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GH-269 Sort entries by edu. forms first, then by years

@roman-yagodin roman-yagodin released this Feb 13, 2018 · 53 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

This is a major release dedicated to the transition to new obrnadzor.gov.ru recommendations.

  • Updated information structure and obrnadzor.gov.ru microdata markup across all affected modules to match new recommendations.
  • New models: Year, EduVolume, Contingent.
  • Convert EduProgramProfileForm model to the EduProgramProfileFormYear model.
  • New modules: ScienceDirectory, EduVolumeDirectory (2 modes), ContingentDirectory (4 modes).
  • DivisionDirectory module: New mode to display governing divisions.
  • Add Created/LastModified fields to documents (#220).
  • Mark edu. programs adopted for peoples with disabilities and implemented using E-learning and distance education technologies (#190).
  • Add IsGoverning flag to the Divison model, convert IsVirtual flag to IsSingleEntity.
  • Do not display division title/link for occupied positions in single-entity divisions.
  • EduProgramProfileDirectory module: Practices, admission and contingent movement column are visible for editors only, will be removed later.
  • EduProgram module: Support for displaying edu. forms available for admission.
  • UI, Security: Extract EditEduProgramProfileDocuments control (#250).
  • UX: Close Bootstrap modal popup by ESC key, add vertical scrollbars when content is too large.
  • Bugfixes: EditAchievements: UrlControl state persists even after loading new item (#231).
  • Performance: DivisionDirectory: Greatly improve performance by reducing database calls to just one per request.
  • Configuration: Allow to configure vocabulary names for organization structure and stored working hours (#212).

Installation notes

Due to project structure changes, following module folders inside the DesktopModules/MVC/R7.University/ folder are no longer needed
and you should remove them after install: Employee, EmployeeList, EmployeeDirectory, Division, DivisionDirectory,
EduProgram, EduProgramDirectory, EduProgramProfileDirectory.

Feb 9, 2018
Merge pull request #261 from roman-yagodin/development
Feb 6, 2018
Merge pull request #259 from roman-yagodin/development
Feb 5, 2018
Merge pull request #258 from roman-yagodin/development

@roman-yagodin roman-yagodin released this Sep 21, 2017 · 335 commits to master since this release

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Most notable changes:

  • UX: More compact display option for EduProgramProfileDirectory Documents mode using popups and pre-rendered tables (#176).
  • Integration, Productivity: Implemented autosync between divisions and taxonomy (#164).
  • Model: Divisions and edu. program (profile) association reimplemented as many-to-many (#163).
  • Model: Separated time to learn hours and years/months for edu. program profile forms (#182).
  • UI: Employee views and all jQuery popups converted to Bootstrap (#165, #194).
  • Integration: Fixed module name in search results/settings cannot be customized via SearchableModules.resx (#167).
  • UX, Prodictivity: Added rollback for delete command and colorful state markers for Grid&Form (#178).
  • Performance, Reliability: More faster and reliable update algorithm for Grid&Form (#178).
  • Performance: Disabled viewstate for most main views (#207).
  • Performance: Implemented data cache for EmployeeDetails, DivisionDirectory and EduProgramDirectory modules (#208).
  • Install location changed to ~/DesktopModules/MVC/R7.University.
  • Portal-level R7.University.yml file is no longer required. You can create one to override default settings.

Other changes:

  • Division: Main view converted to Razor.
  • Performance: Default cache time increased to 3600.
  • Proposed fix for nasty DnnUrlControl behavior when it broke after async postback.
  • UI: Division: Address displayed as a separate field, corresponding module setting removed (#191).
  • UI: Added "Audit" tab for edit views for main entities (#198).
  • UI: EditEmployee: Added Contacts tab (#197).
  • UI: EmployeeList: Add label for occupied positions to help distinct similar achievenment and position names (#209).
  • UX: Added validation to ensure edu. program profile forms is unique (#195).
  • UX: Added validation to edu. form time to learn (#193).
  • UX: Make more fields required: division's title, edu. program profile languages.
  • Editing of all related entities implemented via reusable Grid&Form-based controls (#196).
  • Edit documents: Some work on determining folder more reliable (#173).
  • Many code refactorings considering CQRS, moving code to R7.Dnn.Extensions and more.


Due to newfound DNN packaging system limitation, installation of v1.15 version (or upgrade from any lower version) must be done in three steps:

  1. Install v1.15.0 package first.
  2. Then run 01.15.00.PostInstall.SqlDataProvider script from Host/SQL.
  3. After that, install v1.15.1 package.
Sep 21, 2017
Enclose division's document link in square brackets