Acer Liquid E Hardware

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Acer Liquid revision 6 has the following hardware:

Item Vendor/Model
CPU Qualcomm S1 Scorpion ARMv7
Chipset Qualcomm 8250 SoC
GPU Adreno 200
LCD Module & Touchscreen AUO H353VL10 3.5"
Accelerometer Bosch SMB380
Ambient Light and Proximity Sensor Intersil ISL29018
Compass Yamaha MS-3C
Speaker Amplifier Texas Instruments TPA2018
Power Management IC Texas Instruments TPS65023
WiFi/Bluetooth/FM Radio module Broadcom 4325
Camera Aptina MT9P012
LED driver Texas Instruments TCA6507
Input Atmel ATTiny88-driven 4 keys capacitive keypad over I2C, GPIO keyboard


Nearly all devices are speaking I2C protocol, however Yamaha MS-3C device which supplements Bosch SMB380 has a userspace library that speaks to /dev/i2c node. It is known that either SMB380, MS3C, or ISL29018 breaks I2C bus so acer came up with a reset sequence in i2c-msm.c

MTD partitions

Acer Liquid E has 512MiB NAND internal storage. 13 partitions are managed by ARM9 baseband processor (offset/size seem to be bogus). These can only be flashed via AMSS download mode.

Partition header:
  MAGIC1: aa7d1b9a
  MAGIC2: 1f7d48bc
  Version: 3
  Number of partitions: 13
Partition table:
  00: 0:MIBIB           offset=6        size=4        flags=feffffff
  01: 0:SIM_SECURE      offset=4        size=2        flags=feffffff
  02: 0:FSBL            offset=180      size=1e       flags=ffffffff
  03: 0:OSBL            offset=180      size=1e       flags=ffffffff
  04: 0:AMSS            offset=4650     size=708      flags=ffffffff
  05: 0:APPSBL          offset=100      size=1e       flags=ffffffff
  06: 0:DSP1            offset=3e80     size=258      flags=ffffffff
  07: 0:FOTA            offset=80       size=64       flags=ffffffff
  08: 0:EFS2            offset=2ee0     size=c8       flags=ffffff01
  09: 0:APPS            offset=7530     size=898      flags=ffffffff
  10: 0:FTL             offset=4000     size=800      flags=ffff0102
  11: 0:FTL2            offset=4000     size=800      flags=ffff0102
  12: 0:EFS2APPS        offset=ffffffff size=ffff     flags=ffffff01

8 MTD partitions are available to ARM11 APPS processor. They are defined in appsboot.mbn file and provided to the Linux kernel via ATAG. These can be flashed via fastboot.

dev size erasesize name filename
mtd0 000a0000 00020000 "misc"
mtd1 00500000 00020000 "recovery" recovery.img
mtd2 00500000 00020000 "boot" boot.img
mtd3 0c800000 00020000 "userdata" userdata.img
mtd4 0c800000 00020000 "system" system.img
mtd5 029e0000 00020000 "cache"
mtd6 00200000 00020000 "kpanic"
mtd7 00040000 00020000 "dinfo" logodinfo.img
mtd8 00060000 00020000 "setupdata"
mtd9 00080000 00020000 "splash1" initlogo.rle
mtd10 01380000 00020000 "modem"

Total size of MTD available to APPS processor is 475MiB.

userdata and system are 200MiB each. dinfo partition only stores the information about device itself and gets exported as /proc/srs0 on stock firmware kernel.

Known Issues

TPA2018 Audio Amplifier produces audible noise when enabled. In order to make it less noticeable the designers patched Android runtime to adjust the Fixed Gain based on the stream volume.

USB OTG Host is not supported. An attempt to leave both hs_pclk enabled for proper "VBUS over B-Session Valid threshold" sensing and is_host() detection in drivers/usb/otg/msm72k_otg.c causes an INT_USB_HS IRQ storm from the controller. Upon resume the OTGSC_ID bit somehow becomes set when wall charger is connected and enabling "Force Resume" starts the storm. BSV sensing is needed to avoid powering the USB subsystem when only a dumb wall charger is connected since there is only one USB port.

AUO H353VL10 LCD module initialization process takes 0.3 seconds while configuration is being loaded.

Battery charging indication may continue blinking when wall charger is disconnected (bug #19). This happens because APPS processor is sleeping and disconnecting wall charger does not generate an interrupt (even though it should). When APPS processor is finally awake it would update the charging status so this is a minor issue.