A color theme for emacs based on Textmate's Sunburst color scheme
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Emacs 'Sunburst' color theme

The following theme was created by someone identifying themselves as 'dngpng' in the source code. References to it can be found here. The source can be found here. The author originally created it to resemble the Textmate 'Sunburst' theme, but instead called it 'color-theme-tm'. I have renamed it 'color-theme-sunburst'

It also had support for erc, nxm-mode, and mmm.

I am versioning it, since I will be adding support for other modes, and emacs tools (such as jabber.el). And I hope it will encourage others to add to it too.

Support Modes

In its original form, this theme it contained all basic emacs faces (back-ground-color, border-color, etc.).

It also supports the following modes:

  • nxml
  • erc
  • jabber.el
  • magit


Since I didn't originally create this color-theme, I assert no copyright about the code that I add to it.