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Convenient way to add after-save hooks on the fly
Emacs Lisp
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When developing software, I tend to notice sometimes that I do repetitive tasks on my session; at some point, I stop and create a quick function on my *scratch* that executes a bunch of steps in one go and add an after-save-hook for it on my current buffer.

This package helps removing manual steps in the development cycle. If you need to execute the same commands after a save (run tests, restart browser, etc.), this package allows you to add an Emacs function in the after-save-hook of the editor (or the local buffer).



  1. Put on your .emacs.d/init.el
(require 'aftersave)
  1. Then M-x aftersave-add-hook
  2. Select your preferred function to execute after a save
  3. Profit!

If you at some point, you want to stop execute the given function after a save:

  1. M-x aftersave-remove-hook
  2. Pick the function you want to remove
  3. Done!

Local hooks

If you use Ctrl-u before excuting the aftersave commands, you will add the after-save-hook to the current buffer only.


Code inspired by ideas from Tavis Rudd

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