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Commits on Dec 22, 2017
  1. Merge pull request #9 from TALlama/master

    roman committed Dec 22, 2017
    Rails 5 support
Commits on Dec 21, 2017
  1. Rails 5 support

    TALlama committed Dec 21, 2017
    If `Rack::Handler::Mongrel` is not defined, fall back to WEBrick. This is necessary because Rails 5 no longer sets up Mongrel.
Commits on Jan 17, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #8 from tquackenbush/bundler_rspec_update

    roman committed Jan 17, 2014
    update to use bundler / latest rspec
Commits on Jan 16, 2014
Commits on Nov 10, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #5 from ktdreyer/gemspec-description

    roman committed Nov 10, 2013
    capitalize "URL" in description in gemspec
  2. Merge pull request #6 from ktdreyer/gemspec-license

    roman committed Nov 10, 2013
    add MIT license metadata to gemspec
Commits on Nov 9, 2013
  1. capitalize "URL" in description in gemspec

    ktdreyer committed Nov 9, 2013
    "spelling" error discovered by rpmlint.
Commits on Feb 25, 2011
  1. add tests to ensure correct id_res/setup_needed responses are generat…

    tquackenbush committed Feb 25, 2011
    …ed on successful/failed immediate requests respectively.
  2. Add option for successful/failed checkid_immediate request based on o…

    tquackenbush committed Feb 25, 2011
    …penid.success request param. Inculde user_setup_url in faild (setup_needed) response.
Commits on Jul 19, 2010
Commits on Jul 17, 2009
Commits on Mar 30, 2009
Commits on Mar 28, 2009
Commits on Mar 23, 2009
  1. Updating the version of the gem

    roman committed Mar 23, 2009
Commits on Mar 20, 2009
  1. Adding support to control the id_res responses.

    roman committed Mar 20, 2009
    I did some cheating here, I overwrited  the verify_discovery_result and check_signature methods to make it pass through. The main purpose is to make this API work _without_ this overwrite, but for the time limitations
    I'm adding this dirty hack.
Commits on Mar 19, 2009
  1. Adding the server_spec_helper for testing purposes, everything is wor…

    roman committed Mar 19, 2009
    …king except the id_res responses, really annoying
  2. Changing the Server storage from memory to filesystem, and adding an …

    roman committed Mar 19, 2009
    …option to the server invocation to specify a path for the openid server records
Commits on Mar 13, 2009
  1. Several changes were made in this commit:

    roman committed Mar 13, 2009
    1) Added the option for debugging when executing the server
    2) Removed the server from the root path (/) to the the path "/server", this
       because Rack::URLMap class was giving the root path even to paths like "/blah" or "/foo"
    3) Updated the UserMockPage to have the server on the url identity
    4) Changed the view on the Server endpoint
Commits on Mar 10, 2009
  1. Adding gemspec

    roman committed Mar 10, 2009
Commits on Feb 20, 2009
  1. Adding a list thing needed on the mock identity page app in order to …

    roman committed Feb 20, 2009
    …make it work as expected
  2. Adding a meaningful message to the identity page, for feedback when u…

    roman committed Feb 20, 2009
    …sing the browser to look for it