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Powerful shell implemented by vim.
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INTRODUCTION						*vimshell-introduction*

USAGE							*vimshell-usage*

You can start vimshell in ":VimShell".  Because vimshell works similar with
a common shell, you may operate it intuitively.  But vimshell perform the
path appointment in '/'. Vimshell is misunderstood with escape sequence when
you use '\' by Windows for a path and do not work.

INSTALL							*vimshell-install*

vimshell needs |vimproc|

Please install vimproc Ver.5.0(or later) before use vimshell.
And make

Make method:

* Mingw: >
	$ make -f make_mingw.mak

* Mac OS X: >
	$ make -f make_mac.mak

* Linux BSD: >
	$ make -f make_gcc.mak

* Visual Studio: >
	$ make -f make_msvc.mak

* Cygwin: >
	$ make -f make_cygwin.mak

After compile, copy autoload/vimproc.vim and autoload/vimproc/parser.vim and
autoload/ proc.dll) to autoload directory.
Note: "proc.dll" compiled in Cygwin environment is only Cygwin Vim. Can't use
in Windows Vim.

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