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A comprehensive Vim utility functions for Vim plugins.

This is like a plugin which has both aspects of Bundler and jQuery at the same time.


If you are a Vim user who don't make Vim plugins, please ignore this page.

If you are a Vim plugin author, please check this out.

What vital.vim provides

  • system()
    • If user has vimproc, this uses vimproc#system(), otherwise just the Vim builtin system().
  • ... (all public functions in unite/util.

How to use

Assuming your Vim plugin name is ujihisa. You can define your utility function set ujihisa#util just by

let V = vital#of('ujihisa')
function! ujihisa#util#system(...)
  return call(V.system, a:000, V)

and then you can call functions by ujihisa#util#system(), without taking care of vital.vim itself. It's all hidden.

Vital has module system. The below is an example to import/load a module data/ordered_set and to call a function f() of the module.

let V = vital#of('ujihisa')
let O = V.import('Data.OrderedSet')
call O.f()


let V = vital#of('ujihisa')
call V.load('Data.OrderedSet')
call V.Data.OrderedSet.f()


let V = vital#of('ujihisa')
call V.import('Data.OrderedSet', s:)
call s:f()

We recommend you to use a capital letter for a the Vital module dictionary to assign.



Tatsuhiro Ujihisa

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