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+* 0.0.3 (Jan 9, 2010) Lets stay up to date with josevalim's work
+* Renaming the warden_oauth/manager.rb to warden_oauth/config_extension.rb,
+given that the Warden::Manager is not the given instance on the
+Warden::Manager block anymore
+* Creating a new way to assign access_token_user_finders to the strategies,
+using the sole strategy had a drawback, the class was lazily created after the
+first request to the Rack middleware.
+* Added an example of a twitter client (given that's the more popular client
+being used)
+* Update of the README
* 0.0.2 (Oct 1, 2009) Keep the manager out of the business of strategies
* Removing the access_token_user_finder from Warden::Manager and adding it to
the Warden::StrategyBuilder module

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