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OAuth Strategy generator for Warden Authentication Framework
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warden_oauth enhances the warden gem offering a simple interface for creating oauth strategies on very simple steps.

Getting Started

To get started you just have to require the warden_oauth libraries, and setup the oauth services you would like to have on the Warden::Manager middleware declaration:

<pre> <code class=“ruby”> Warden::Manager do |manager|

manager.failure_app = FailureApp
manager.oauth(:twitter) do |twitter|
  twitter.consumer_secret = <YOUR CONSUMER SECRET>
  twitter.consumer_token  = <YOUR CONSUMER TOKEN>
  twitter.options :site => ''
manager.default_strategies(:twitter_oauth, :password, :other)

end </code> </pre>

Giving an Access Token fetcher

Users get identified on a system via an access_token and an access_secret, when a valid access_token is recevied, warden_oauth calls a fetcher declared on Warden::Manager.access_token_user_finder.

<pre> <code class=“ruby”> Warden::Manager.access_token_user_finder(:twitter) do |access_token|

User.find_by_access_token_and_access_secret(access_token.token, access_token.secret)

end </code> </pre>

If a user is returned, then this is the user that is going to be authenticated in the session, otherwise the FailureApp will be called, you may check the env[:oauth][:access_token] to check the original access_token and create a new user from there if desired.

Strategy Class info

When you declare an oauth strategy on the Warden::Manager initialization, (e.g. manager.oauth(:service_name)) a Warden::OAuth::Strategy::ServiceName will be declared, at the same time this class will be registered as :service_name_oauth on the Warden::Strategies.

So if we have a declaration like the one of the Getting Started section, we will have an Strategy class called Warden::OAuth::Strategy::Twitter, and this will be registered as :twitter_oauth.

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

For any error send an email to: romanandreg [at] gmail [dot] com


Copyright © 2009 Roman Gonzalez. See LICENSE for details.

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