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Configuration to build React Native apps with ES6 using webpack and Babel
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React Native in ES6 with webpack and Babel


It's possible to write React Native apps in ES6+ using babel-loader and webpack.

Check better approach using DependencyGraph module: dep-graph.

Basically you need to compile everything to index.ios.js file, which is then transformed by react-native. Also, to stop webpack from trying to load native (Objective-C) components, you need to define them all as externals and set libraryTarget: 'commonjs' in webpack config, this way webpack will not resolve require to native components.

Check ignore-modules.js for the regexp to match all native components, it is extracted using approach described in dep-graph branch.

Check webpack.config.js for build configuration.


Before running the project, change code location in iOS/AppDelegate.m to localhost to run on iOS Simulator or to your computer's IP address to run on device. Run in the terminal webpack --config webpack.config.js, open another tab and run react-native start.

Known limitations

  • No support for ES6 classes. There's no React.Component or any other extendable base class.