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a C queue implementation using linked list
#include "queue.h"
/*initialize the queue*/
void initQueue(struct Queue *q) {
q->head = NULL;
q->tail = NULL;
/*insert an element to the end of the queue*/
void enqueue(struct Queue *q, struct MBIdx _value) {
//allocate a new QeueuElement for _value
QueueElement *newElement;
newElement = (QueueElement*) malloc(sizeof(QueueElement));
newElement->value = _value;
newElement->next = NULL;
if (q->head == NULL) {
//first element
q->head = newElement;
q->tail = newElement;
} else {
//put it to the tail
q->tail->next = newElement;
q->tail = newElement;
/*delete the first element from the queue*/
void dequeue(struct Queue *q) {
QueueElement *element;
if (q->head == NULL) {
//empty queue
} else {
element = q->head;
q->head = q->head->next;
/*get the front value of the queue, but don't delete it*/
struct MBIdx front(struct Queue *q) {
return q->head->value;
/*check if the queue is empty*/
int ifEmpty(struct Queue *q) {
return (q->head == NULL ? 1:0);
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