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Romana - network and security automation solution for cloud native applications

Romana is a network and security automation solution for cloud native applications.

  • Romana automates the creation of isolated cloud native networks and secures applications with a distributed firewall that applies access control policies consistently across all endpoints (pods or VMs) and services, wherever they run.
  • Through Romana's topology aware IPAM, endpoints receive natively routable addresses: No overlays or tunnels are required, increasing performance and providing operational simplicity.
  • Because IP addresses are assigned with network topology in mind, routes within the network are highly aggregated, reducing the impact on networking hardware, and allowing more secure configurations.
  • Supports Kubernetes and OpenStack clusters, on premise or on AWS.


To get started with Romana on Kubernetes, go here.

For OpenStack installations, please contact us by email or on Slack.

We are working on more detailed documentation to cover all the features and installation methods. Reach out to the team via email, Slack or GitHub if you need some help in the meantime.

Additional documentation

Visit for the complete documentation.


This repository contains the documentation and installation tools for the Romana project. You can find the application code in the core repository.

Latest stable release: 2.0

Contact Us


The Romana Project - Installation scripts, documentation, issue tracker and wiki. Start here.




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