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<string name="app_name">SwagPapers</string>
<string name="title_activity_wallpaper">Swag Papers</string>
<string name="back">Previous</string>
<string name="next">Next</string>
<string name="page">Page: </string>
<string name="set_wallpaper">Set as Wallpaper</string>
<string name="save_wallpaper">Save to Storage</string>
<string name="downloading">Downloading…</string>
<string name="wait">Please wait</string>
<string name="set">Wallpaper set!</string>
<string name="saved">Wallpaper saved to</string>
<string name="jump">Jump to Page</string>
<string name="jump2">Jump to Page:</string>
<string name="about">About</string>
<string name="wars">Wallpaper Wars</string>
<string name="vote">Vote!</string>
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