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The wallpapers app for AOKP!
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Fruits And Veggies Wallpapers

1.0 Beta 6

Why It's Cool

FNV Wallpaers pulls the wallpapers from the internet, allowing for small installed filesize, and unlimited wallpapers.

What It Does Now

  • Views, sets, and saves wallpapers
  • Shows a larger preview when you click on a wallpaper
  • Jumps to any page
  • Swipe left and right to change pages

What It Will Do Later

  • End world hunger

Can I Use This In My ROM?

Sure thing. Just make the changes necessary to make it fit your ROM. The hosting side of the images is fairly easy to understand.

How It Works

The app looks at a folder somewhere on the internet for a files called "fnv_1_small.png" through "fnv_4_small.png"

It then downloads those four images into the cache with koush's great library, UrlImageViewHelper (Which means you'll need to have it to build the app)

When a user swipes right/next button, the app loads fnv_5_small.png to fnv_8_small.png and so on

When a user clicks on an image, the app start a new activity which shows the selected wallpaper a little bigger than the initial previews.

At the bottom of that activity are two buttons. "Save to Storage" and "Set as Wallpaper".

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