Ruby client for LiveJournal (migrated from the darcs repo)

ljrb: LiveJournal Ruby module

Copyright: Copyright (C) 2005 Evan Martin



Example usage: require 'livejournal/login'

puts "Logging in..."
user ='test', 'test')
login =

puts "Login response:"

puts "User's full name: #{user.fullname}"

LiveJournal Datatypes

  • LiveJournal::Server
  • LiveJournal::User
  • LiveJournal::Entry
  • LiveJournal::Comment
  • LiveJournal::Friend

Implemented Requests

Login Requests

  • LiveJournal::Request::Login

Friend Requests

  • LiveJournal::Request::Friends
  • LiveJournal::Request::FriendOfs
  • LiveJournal::Request::CheckFriends

Entry Requests

  • LiveJournal::Request::PostEvent
  • LiveJournal::Request::GetEvents
  • LiveJournal::Request::EditEvent

Comments Requests

  • Livejournal::Request::GetComments
  • Livejournal::Request::GetRecentComments

Journal Offline Synchronization

  • LiveJournal::Sync::Entries
  • LiveJournal::Sync::Comments See samples/export for an example of how to use these.

SQLite3 Support

  • LiveJournal::Database -- storing/loading entries+comments with SQLite3 Integrates well with syncing. See samples/export.

Other Features

  • LiveJournal::LogJam -- interface with LogJam ( 's journal exports. (XXX currently broken)