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Objective-C library for accessing the musiXmatch API
Objective-C C
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MusiXmatch for Objective-C

This is an Objective-C library which provides a basic access to the musiXmatch public API. It can be used both in MacOS X desktop application and in iPhoneOS applications. More information about the musiXmatch service can be found on their site:


  1. Include all files from the Classes directory in your project (if your are building as a static library, don't forget to add -load_all and -ObjC to linker flags)
  2. Edit the MusiXmatchService.h and set your API key

Example usage:

// Get a track
Track *track = [Track trackWithId:123];
NSString *lyrics = [track lyrics];

// Or use the service directly
MusiXmatchService *service = [MusiXmatchService sharedInstance];
NSArray *tracks = [service trackSearch:@"dreamer" numResults:10];
for (Track *track in tracks) {
    NSLog(@"TrackID: %u, Artist: %@, Title: %@", track.mxmId,,;


  1. Support for all API methods, e.g. track.chart.get and
  2. More robust handling of return codes and errors
  3. Asynchronous fetching support


This library is distributed under the MIT license. Copyright 2010 Roman Shterenzon The included JSON parser: Copyright 2009 Satoshi Numata, Ph.D.

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