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CPython easily embedded inside Solr


MontySolr is an open-source distribution of Solr (

It is the search engine behind Astrophysics Data System (ADS 2.0) - "the world's most complete collection of 
scholarly content in the physical sciences" -

It features:

  - very powerful query parser (equivalent of which you won't find anywhere else)
  - second order queries (operators): extensive citation search
  - batch processing for long-running tasks
  - bitset queries (to search/analyze millions of docs by sending their IDs)
  - author name disambiguation
  - and much more, I'm lazy to type...
In the past MontySolr combined Java with extensions written in C++/Python but now 
that Jython support for JNI arrived, MontySolr switched to pure Java (April 2014)


You will need Java JDK (version 7), and 'ant' (v1.8 and newer) 


 $ git clone
 $ cd montysolr
 $ ant build-all
 $ ant build-distribution

MontySolr works on Linux/Mac/Windows. Releases are automatically tested/deployed

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