Those damn elusive AMI ROM drivers for Linux
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amifldrv source code

This is the source code for the amifldrv kernel module used by the AMI Aptios flashing tool for linux, afulnx. This is associated with the 64-Bit version of the tool, and I cannot guarantee that it will work with the 32-Bit version.

This source code has been modified so that it will compile and work (I tested this by flashing with it (!)) on recent versions of Linux. This was tested with and functioned on Linux 4.1.

License issues

AMI did not specify a license for this code in readme.txt, readme_afulnx.txt or any other file, including the source code. Furthermore, Linux kernel modules can be considered derivitave works of the Linux kernel, which is licensed under the GNU General Public License. The GPL mandates that source code be made available. AMI appear to have gone out of their way to make obtaining the full module source rather obfuse, as the tool that emits it will delete it immediately after exiting.

I do not claim any ownership of this code.