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This add-on is a complete and quite powerful implementation of Cron job scheduler for ATK4

    Check readme file of ds-addons pack.


    1) Create scheduler database tables using SQL scripts found in /dbupdates.
    2) Create Scheduler admin page in your /page folder like this:
        class page_scheduler extends Scheduler\Page_Admin {}
    3) Create heartbeat.php in your root directory. It's where your index.php file is located.
        Put the following in this file:
        include 'atk4/loader.php';
        $api=new ApiCLI('hb');
    3) Create "hearbeat" cron job (Linux) or scheduler task (Windows). It should run script heartbeat.php created above in PHP CLI mode.
        Linux cronTab:
        Windows Scheduler:
            Run: wscript.exe "ds-addons/Scheduler/tools/invisible.vbs" "ds-addons/Scheduler/tools/heartbweat.cmd"
            Start-in: directory where your heartbeat.php file is located.
            Schedule: set as you wish, but it should execute more often that your most active task. I prefer 1-5 minutes interval.

    4) Configure your scheduler using scheduler admin page:
    4a) Set scheduler global settings in "Config" tab.
        //Important is, that you set "Heartbeat time" to exactly the same value (in minutes) what scheduled in your cron tab or Windows task scheduler.
    4b) Create Tasks.
    5) Test it.

    Imants Horsts
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