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MiniSprite is library for automatized generating CSS Sprites from CSS definitions.

## Requirements

MiniSprite requires PHP 5.3.3 or later.

## How does this work?

  • Configure.
  • Parse CSS input.
  • Create Sprite image folding proposals.
  • Select winner proposal.
  • Generate Sprite images.
  • Regenerate content of CSS input and return it.

## Installation

The best way to install MiniSprite is use Composer package rm/minisprite or manual download the latest ZIP package from GitHub.

The downloaded package includes the following directories:

  • src: this directory contains the source code of MiniSprite. This is the only directory that you will need in order to deploy your application.

  • tests: contains MiniSprite unit tests. Tests is too usable as examples od use case.

## Getting started

namespace MiniSprite;

require __DIR__ . '/MiniSprite/vendor/autoload.php';

$miniSprite = new MiniSprite;

// Configuration of Minisprite.
$miniSprite->setImageDirSource(""); // Base path for searching images in CSS content.
$miniSprite->setImageDirOutput("./"); // Directory for saving sprite images.
$miniSprite->setImageDirOutputCss("./"); // Relative path for link of sprite images in regenerated CSS content.

// Registration of folding algorithms.
$miniSprite->addFolder(new HorizontalFolder);
$miniSprite->addFolder(new VerticalFolder);

// Registration of analyzer for winner selection.
$miniSprite->setAnalyzer(new MinimalAreaAnalyzer);

// Call compilation.
// In the variable $newCSS is content of regenerated CSS input.
$newCss = $miniSprite->compile(file_get_contents(""));

## Contributing

  • Use it!
  • Write bug reports of ideas into Issue tracker.
  • Fork repos and send pull requests with number of issue, source code and tests.

## Todo

  • Find and solve bugs.
  • Create new folding algorithms.
  • Create online API.
  • Propagate.

## Contact

Roman Mátyus