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Web backend: Force HTTPS

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romannurik committed Sep 4, 2019
1 parent 0a9434c commit c222dc634584fcee69d11f673d43c84a9ed1da53
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@@ -28,40 +28,49 @@ handlers:
- url: /tasks/.*
login: admin
secure: always

# backroom

- url: /backroom/schedule
static_files: frontend/html/backroom_schedule.html
upload: frontend/html/backroom_schedule.html
login: admin
secure: always

- url: /backroom/.*
login: admin
secure: always

# static frontend assets

- url: /frontend
static_dir: frontend
secure: always

- url: /favicon.ico
static_files: frontend/favicon.ico
upload: frontend/favicon.ico
secure: always

- url: /today
static_files: frontend/html/today.html
upload: frontend/html/today.html
secure: always

- url: /archive(/.*)?
static_files: frontend/html/archive.html
upload: frontend/html/archive.html
secure: always

- url: /
static_files: frontend/html/landing.html
upload: frontend/html/landing.html
secure: always

# other handlers

- url: .*
secure: always

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