Simple Java objects to count items and accumulate associated values
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ItemCounter is a Java class that stores a count for each appearance
of an item. ItemDoubleAccumulator stores the accumulated value
associated with each appearance of an item. They both support basic
summary statistics, serialization, and pretty-printing capabilities.

An example use of ItemCounter is to count the number of times
different words appear in a set of documents. One could then output
all words used, sorted by their frequency of occurrence.

Similar functionality is available in the Bag data structures in
the Apache Commons collections library and Google Guava library.
ItemCounter classes are designed with a single-purpose API, no
external dependencies, and sane default behavior. They also take
advantage of Java generics.

Javadoc is available online. Feedback and bugfixes are welcomed.

Brian Romanowski


This code is licensed under one of the BSD variants, please see
LICENSE.txt for full details.


// Print the number of lower-case tokens observed in a string.
String words = "foo bar bat baz foo foo baz";
ItemCounter<String> wordCount = new ItemCounter<String>();
for(String word : words.split("\\s+")) {