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Mason Tools

This is a collection of tools I use in Mason.

  • Declared Properties: A way to neatly set properties on parameter classes
  • TitledSimpleInspector: A better looking inspector allowing for titles and thus sections
  • DataCollector: A utitity class that collects data and is neatly inspectable
  • DataCollectorChart: An automatic Charting facility for the DataCollector
  • Layout: An automaitc Layout to fill the screen with display, console and charts
  • Flockers: An example using the whole Suite

For an example you can start the standalone jar in the build directory.

This also shows how to use gradle for mason and how to easily produce a standalone simulation jar with gradle and mason.

Furthermore there is some scala classes to use the Properties and the Datacollector neatly from scala. As I use Scala for modelling this is more convenient. Actually Mason and Scala work nicely - you can find a Schelling example in Scala in the source.



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