An open source project for GDG hackathon
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An open source project for GDG hackathon


A folder with a collection of technical books you want to go over, all you need to do is add the file to this folder and it will automatically add it to your backlog, it knows the book you opened last (and remembers the page your on?) and when you added the books etc..

It should provide some statistics on how many pages your crunching per week, by extrapolating on this progress it will estimate when you will finish all the books.

Other optional features:

  • prioritizing the books
  • quick open link from mobile (just opens the book your reading)
  • semantic grouping of books (c++, agile, java etc..)
  • tells you how long does it usually take to read through a book
  • leave survey
  • sharing books



  • Choose your books folder
  • Choose your "done reading" books folder
  • Choose the "current reading" book
  • Update the current page of the fcurrently reading book
  • Open the currently reading book
  • See statistics

Mobile App

  • See Statistics
  • Open the currently reading book
  • Update the current page for the current reading book


  • Total number of pages
  • Pages read past month
  • Past week
  • How long will it take to complete reading the books - how old will I be?


Google drive API reference

Google Drive Developers page