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Cruisecontrol.rb plugin to deploy your app using capistrano when the build is succesful
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Cruisecontrol.rb plugin cap_deployer

This plugin will deploy your app using capistrano.

How it works

If the build fails the app won’t de be deployed and if it passes it will try to deploy to a list of stages you can supply.
It will send an email notifying if it was successful or not and a special artifact with the capistrano output will be created.


Copy the cap_deployer.rb file to the lib/builder_plugins/ directory.


In your project’s cruise_config.rb file:

Set the email addresses which should be notified about deployment:

project.cap_deployer.emails = ['']

Pass an array of stages you want to deploy to

project.cap_deployer.stages = ['staging','production']


Important: this plugin assumes you are using ssh keys for deployment


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