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Kodi Addon Submitter

This is a command line script for automating submission of addons for Kodi Mediacenter to the official addon repository. The utility automates the steps for preparing and creating addon submission pull requests to one of the addon repositories: xbmc/repo-plugins or xbmc/repo-scrips. It is meant for using primarily in CI/CD pipelines, e.g. in Travis CI.

The script is compatible with Python 2.7 and 3+.


  • Your addon files must have one of the following formats
    • Your addon files must be located in the root directory inside your Git repository. That is, your Git repo for the addon must have the following layout:
      |  |
      |  ...
      To not pollute your addon submission with unnecessary files, such as .gitignore, .travis.yml etc. those can be exluded by using git-archive and setting the [export-ignore attribute] (
    • Your addon files must be located in a separate addon directory, e.g. / inside your Git repository. That is, your Git repo for the addon must have the following layout:
      |  |
      |  +--/resources/
      |  |  |
      |  |  ...
      |  +--addon.xml
      |  +--fanart.jpg
      |  +--icon.png
  • Fork the necessary addon repository -- xbmc/repo-plugins or xbmc/repo-scripts -- into your GitHub account.
  • Define the following environment variables in your CI environment:
    • GH_USERNAME: your GitHub username.
    • GH_TOKEN: your GitHub access token with at least public_repo scope.
    • EMAIL: your email
  • It is strongly recommended to have <news> section in your addon.xml that describes the changes made in the latest version being submitted. The contents of the <news> tag will be automatically added to a pull request message.


The Addon Submitter utility is installed from this repository with pip:

pip install git+


Run submit-addon script with the following options:

  • addon_id (positional): your addon ID, e.g.
  • -z, --zip (optional): create a versioned installable ZIP for the addon. It can be used, e.g, if you are deploying your addon to GitHub Releases.
  • -r, --repo: addon repo, e.g. repo-plugins or repo-scripts.
  • -b, --branch: addon repo branch, that corresponds to a Kodi version codename, e.g. krypton or leia.
  • --push-branch: create an addon branch in your repo fork.
  • --pull-request: create a pull request for the addon submission in the Kodi repository. With this option the script will create/update an addon branch, as with --push-branch option, and then create a pull request in the respective official Kodi addon repository, if it does not exist. If the pull request already exists, the script will simply update the addon branch in your repository fork.
  • -s, --subdirectory: Addon is stored in its own directory within the git repo


submit-addon -r repo-plugins -b leia --pull-request

Example Travis CI Configuration

language: python
python: "3.6"
install: echo "Install test dependencies"
script: echo "Run tests"
  - pip install git+
  - submit-addon -z # Create an installable ZIP
  - export RELEASE_ZIP=$(ls *.zip)
  # Publish an installable ZIP to GitHub Releases
  - provider: releases
    api_key: $GH_TOKEN
    file_glob: true
    file: $RELEASE_ZIP
    skip_cleanup: true
      tags: true
  # Submit to the official Kodi repo
  - provider: script
    script: submit-addon -r repo-plugins -b leia --pull-request
      tags: true
  email: false

This config automatically publish your addon to "Releases" section of your addon repository and creates a pull request in the official Kodi addon repository when a new git tag is pushed to your addon repository. So with this config simply run

git tag <version number>
git push --tags

to submit your addon. Everything else will be done automatically by Travis CI.

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