A lightweight PHP+Javascript photo gallery, easy as pie to install and use, with a classy design
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How it works?

You just copy this app's files on a server with PHP enabled. In a subfolder called /photos/, you can put files & sub-folders.
Sub-folders are galleries, pictures will be listed and displayed nicely using Galleria
You can have an unlimited number of (imbricated) galleries, so you can keep things organized.

It's best not to use big pictures files (< 0.5 mb), as thumbnails are resized on the fly, it's both useless (they're displayed as 960px wide) and may slow down the application.

If the visitor does not have Javascript enabled (really?), he will just see a list of thumbnail-sized pictures (with a link to the bigger version), and he will be able to navigate through galleries anyway.


Put the app files in a web-enabled directory.
Put pictures & sub-folders in /photos/

A few restrictions apply on folders name:

  • accents are supported, everything will be served as UTF-8
  • spaces are correctly handled
  • some HTML special chars are forbidden: <, >, & and "
  • single quotes, ' are allowed
  • two dots .. are forbidden (it means upper directory!)

Empty folders (no file at all and no subfolders) will not be displayed.

Examples / Demo

You can see it in action here
It's also used at the moment to power theses galleries


Set $lang variable, at the top of index.php to either English, en, or French, fr
If you want to create your own, translation are very simple PHP files (4 strings to translate!) under /lang


You may consider adding thumbs pictures, so the page will load way faster (because Galleria fetches only the small pictures, and not the full ones) and the UX will be smoother. Make 60px-big picture, add _thumb suffix in their names (before the extension ; it may be changed, see config).

You can disable thumbs check: it will not look for thumbs, which may you save a little time in huge collections, but pages may take a huge time to load then. See options.

Anyway, the script will degrade nicely, if no thumbnail is found, it'll use the full-size picture. If a thumb exists but not the corresponding file (same name), it'll not display it.

Keyboard handling

It supports keyboard commands:

  • left and right arrow will change the picture
  • Enter key toggle full screen mode
  • spacebar launch/stop the slideshow mode (with a 5 seconds delay, available in normal or fullscreen mode)
  • esc key leave any of the previous mode

On mobile devices, you can swipe to change the picture.

What format are supported?

Only pictures are accepted: .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif files (upper or lowercase).

Set a custom thumbnail

It will first search in a subfolder for a file named thumbnail.jpg. If not found, it will use the first picture. If there are no pictures in the folder, then it's recursive, it will search it's first subfolder for a file...


On top of index.php file, you may configure some parameters:

  • $use_thumbs: if FALSE, it won't look for thumbnails (you may save some server time; however not using thumbnails is not a really good idea for your viewers)
  • $thumbs_suffix: you may change the _thumb suffix used to differentiate thumbs from full-size pictures to something else
  • $lang: cf localization


Feel free to use and abuse, modify and redistributing and so on. I would be happy to hear from users!
It uses jQuery, Galleria (and some plugins) under MIT license.