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GFMarkdown Editor

This is an online Markdown editor with live preview.

Its specificity is to support Github Flavored Markdown: I was not able to find any tool for it, except the inline editor on Github website (but you can't have at the same time the editor and the preview!).

It uses Github API to get a preview. Anonymous users are limited to 60 requests/hour. You can login using your Github credentials to get up to 5000 requests/hour.

Other features include a decent editor (using Ace Editor), with syntax highlighting, the ability to save a document to localStorage (automatically when you try to leave the page), access to GFM cheat sheet.

Quick install

It uses Twitter Bower to fetch assets, just run bower install

From a local webserver, everything should run fine. Just open index_dev.html with a browser. Note: it seems Github, as of 2013-03-03, does not allow anymore localhost host for requests, unless you are logged in.

To use it from a webdomain, as documented here, you must register your application on Github as an OAuth application (fill up the form, the callback URL doesn't really matter).


A few very handy libraries were used:

Finally, it relies on Github v3 API. Of course this readme was made using it!