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LogicielTrez is a web app for managing the (analytical) accounting of an association. At the moment it's only in French, and quite close to French business rules (laws, TVA...).

Some of its features:

  • can handle a few budgets
  • currency and so on are configurable
  • login using classic credentials or a nice OpenId authentification (using Gmail)
  • users with ACL: you can create users who can only view some parts of some budgets
  • billing
  • VAT support (TVA in French)



0) Requirements

You'll need a web server with:

  • Apache
  • PHP 5.3 (5.3.8 and higher recommended)
  • PHP Intl extension
  • PHP APC or another accelerator
  • a MySql database (not tested but others should be ok as we use Doctrine DBAL)

1) Retrieve files

Upload files, then run composer update (if you don't have composer take a look here - you can just download the .phar archive)

2) Configuration, create an User account

Copy app/config/parameters.yml.dist to app/config/parameters.yml, then edit with your values.

3) Database

Update your database schema with the command app/console doctrine:schema:update --force Load fixtures (some configuration values), php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load

4) Create another User account, delete old one

You can now login to the application, on web/app.php (or web/app_dev.php on localhost) using the credentials you set in parameters.yml. It's best to go directly to the Users page to set another account, and then delete the first one from your config file.


This product use licensed work, please see:

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