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Bank account that has two attributes:
1. Owner
2. Balance
and two methods:
1. deposit
2. withdraw (may not exceed available balance)
class Account:
def __init__(self,owner,balance=0):
self.owner = owner
self.balance = balance
def __repr__(self):
return f"Hi {self.owner}, your balance is ${self.balance}."
def deposit(self,dep_amt):
self.balance = self.balance + dep_amt
print("\nDeposit of $%s was successful! Your new balance is $%s." % (dep_amt,self.balance))
def withdraw(self,wd_amt):
if self.balance >= wd_amt:
self.balance = self.balance - wd_amt
print("\nWithdraw successful! Your new balance is $%s." % self.balance)
elif self.balance == 0:
print("Cannot complete request! You don't have jack shit!")
print("\nFunds not available. Withdraw amount exceeds balance!")
acct1 = Account('Mike',500)
input1 = input("Press D to deposit or W to withdraw: ").lower()
if input1 == 'd':
deposit1 = int(input("How much would you like to deposit? $"))
elif input1 =='w':
wd1 = int(input("How much would you like to withdraw? $"))
print('Please press D or W only.')
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