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Websites provide their API's through JSON formatted content.
Fb, Twitter, Yahoo, etc... offer APIs in JSON format.
APIs are useful because:
1. You can scrape raw data from websites a lot easier than parsing HTML with BeatutifulSoup
2. Automatically download new post from one social network website and post them to another social website
3. Pull data from IMDb, Wikipedia or whatever and put it into a single text file
4. Example APIs
# To translate a JSON string into Python, pass it intio the: json.loads() function
# JSON strings always use double quotes
jsonData = '{"name": "Zophie", "isCat": true, "miceCaught": 0, "felineIQ": null}'
import json
jsonDataAsPythonValue = json.loads(jsonData)
# Python dictionaries are not ordered, so the key-value pairs may appear in a different order when you print the variable
pythonValue = {'isCat': True, 'miceCaught': 0, 'name': 'Zophie', 'felineIQ': None}
import json
stringOfJsonData = json.dumps(pythonValue) #json.dumps converts from python to JSON
# The value can only be one of the following basic Python data types:
# dictionary, list, integer, float, string, Boolean, or None.
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