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# This script removes the first row of every CSV file, no matter how many there are.
# In order for this code to work, you need .CSV files in a folder.
import csv, os
os.makedirs('headerRemoved', exist_ok = True) # Creates a folder named 'headerReomved'
# Loop to go through every CSV file in the folder
for csvFile in os.listdir('.'): # Will open ALL the files in the folder. See next line to skip non - .csv files.
if not csvFile.endswith('.csv'):
continue # Skips if the file is not a csv file
print('Removing header from ' + csvFile + '..')
# Read the CSV file (skip the first row AKA header)
csvRows = []
csvFileObj = open(csvFile) # Opens CSV file
readerObj = csv.reader(csvFileObj) # Python reads it and assigns variable readerObj(ective)
for row in readerObj: # And here we tell it to skip the first row
if readerObj.line_num == 1:
continue # Skips the first line
csvRows.append(row) # Rewrites the lines in the csv as a list inside the csvRows
# Write/Output the CSV File
csvFileObj = open(os.path.join('headerRemoved', 'new{}'.format(csvFile)), 'w', newline='') # Rewrites the CSV title with the "new" added in the title
csvWriter = csv.writer(csvFileObj)
for row in csvRows: