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# - Project Stopwatch
This program will:
1. Track the time between presses of the ENTRY key, with each key press starting a new "lap" on the timer.
2. Print the lap number, total time and lap time.
import time
print('Press ENTER to begin. Afterwards, press ENTER to "click" the stopwatch.')
print('Press Ctrl-C to quit.')
input() # press Enter to begin
startTime = time.time() # first lap start time
lastTime = startTime
lapNum = 1
while True:
lapTime = round(time.time() - lastTime, 2)
totalTime = round(time.time() - startTime, 2)
print('Lap #%s: %s (%s)' % (lapNum, totalTime, lapTime), end='')
lapNum += 1
lastTime = time.time() # reset the last lap time
except KeyboardInterrupt:
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