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RATP Paris Transports GTFS -> JSON Graph
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Create a JSON graph from RATP open data (

This is part of fxos-metrobusparis

Data Overview

The goal of these scripts is to parse the GTFS files to create a Graph usable to find shortest paths

The GTFS structure is :

Line X directory

routes.txt trips.txt stop_times.txt stops.txt
route_id route_id stop_id stop_id
trip_id trip_id trip_id stop_name
type arrival_time
line (directory)

And the output is :

    <stop_id>: {
        name: <name>,
        loc: {
            lat: <latitude>,
            lon: <longitude>
        zip: <zipcode>,
        edges: [
                "dest": <dest_stop_id>,
                "dur": <edge_duration>,
                "type": <edge_type>,
                "open": <hour_of_opening>,
                "close": <hour_of_closing>,
                "line": <line_number>,
                "dir": <line_direction>,
                "freq": <average_frequency>

You can see the full RATP GTFS description in the PDF file in the page linked above (direct link:

Scripts overview


Crunch all the stops informations from stop_times.txt (> 600MB, millions of lines) and output edges with average duration, frequency and open hours


Create graph nodes by browsing GTFS lines directories to get line informations (line name, directions...) and parse the output of create_raw_edges.c above to create final graph

The stops (stations) with identical names are merged to reduce graph size because in the original GTFS files there is one stop_id per line per direction.

See comments in the scripts for further explanations.


gcc create_raw_edges.c lib/r_hashtable.c lib/r_linkedlist.c -I lib/ -o create_raw_edges create_raw_edges <RATP_GTFS_FULL directory> > edges.txt create_graph.rb <RATP_GTFS_LINES directory> <RATP_GTFS_FULL directory> <edges.txt> <output.json>


(c) 2013 Romain BEAUDON This code may be freely distributed under the terms of the GPL3 Licence

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