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This repository is no longer being actively maintained (at least not extensively). Have a look at some more up to date alternatives:

Features · Installation · Attribution · Licence

I never found the pixel font that was perfect for me, so I decided to roll my own with creep. It is a pretty compact (only 4px wide!) font that's great for smaller screens (like my 11" laptop).

I'm constantly adding in new characters (diacritics, box-drawing characters, etc.), so I figured I'd put it up on github for people to reap benefits of this.

I also recently added some nice Haskell features (that can be used in other languages too)!

screenshot1 screenshot2


Box Drawing · Sparklines · Haskell · Braille and Drawille

Box drawing

Creep has most of the basic box drawing characters implemented. Therefore creep usually works with most ncurses-type programs or with tmux window-splitting for example.

box drawing


Creep supports all the symbols needed for Lokaltog's awesome powerline plugin for vim:



Creep has the necessary symbols for creating sparklines. This is cool for tools like rainbarf and others. I mean, see how good it makes iStats look:


Better Haskell syntax

I've added support for a better-looking Haskell syntax. Take a look at the Haskell wiki page to get an idea of how it looks and how to use it in vim.

Braille and Drawille

Creep now supports the full braille alphabet, which was an easy thing to do because of the clever braille encoding scheme. All of the braille characters are simply generated using a little script.

Because creep supports braille, it also supports the wonderful Drawille libraries:



The font is maintained using the awesome gbdfed which unfortunatly does not support a lot of export formats besides bdf.

To install creep in Mac OS X, you can use font forge to convert the bdf file to a dfont file that can be used by Font to install the font. To do this:

  1. open the font in font forge:

    $ fontforge creep.bdf
  2. select File > Generate Fonts

  3. from the left dropdown select No Outline Font

  4. from the right dropdown select Apple bitmap only sfnt (dfont)

  5. click Save

  6. open the .dfont file in Font

  7. You're done!

Alternativatly you can download one of the releases, these are not the latest versions of the font but I will try to update them regulary so you don't have to go trought these steps.

I'm not a professional font creator so there are some little quirks in the character sizing. To get past these I set the line height to 0.9 and the character spacing to 0.75 in (using a Size of 16px) to make it look airtight.



Before I created creep I was using Proggy Tiny, which is also great font and has given me the inspiration to create my own font.

Also I would like to compliment the creators of gbdfed on their work. I really enjoy using it.

Also if you have some ideas on what I should implement, please contact me. I'd be happy to implement extra features.

Thanks go out to Chase Colman for fixing the metric issues creep had, a wercker script and just for being a helpful fellow.



I love you all, so please use this font as much as you like for free and with as little restrictions as possible. Therefore creep is licensed under the MIT License. You don't have to, but it'd be nice if you license your code permissively too if at all possible